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Opening times

Pre-School is open from 8am to 2.55pm Monday to Friday term-time only. Please see our calendar for our term dates. 

Speak with us about your childcare needs as we are always looking at how we can best serve our local families.

Our session fee's 

2 years and 6 months olds are £20 per 3 hour session 

3 year olds are £17.50 per 3 hour session

Breakfast club offers an early start from 8am which costs £6.50. 

Elsworth Pre-School Uniform

At pre-school uniform is not obligatory, we would like children to be comfortable and ready to play and learn. For some parents a uniform is a stepping stone for school and introduces their child to a uniform gently. For some parents a uniform is a set of clothes just for pre-school that can get messy without worry. If you would like any uniform for your child we have a selection of items available for you to order by following the link below.

School wear & School Uniforms in Cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire | Workwear & Teamwear also Provided (

Weekly newsletters 

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