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Opening times

Pre-School is open from 8am to 2.55pm Monday to Friday term-time only. Please see our calendar for our term dates. 

Speak with us about your childcare needs as we are always looking at how we can best serve our local families.

Our session fee's 

2 year olds are £20 per 3 hour session

3 year olds are £17.50 per 3 hour session

We now offer a breakfast club opening from 8am which costs £6.50 for the hour. 




Full policies can be found by selecting the policies button below. 

Here is a summary of important points.

Please click here to see our Covid-19 Procedures, which may be different to our standard policies below. These will be updated as guidance changes.

If your child is ill

It is important for parents to advise the staff of any health problems promptly. These include any infectious illnesses which may affect other children and staff.

If your child will be absent for the session, please call the Pre-School on 01954 268050.

Please allow your child a full recovery before returning them to Pre-School. In the event of sickness and/or diarrhoea please allow 48 clear hours.



We understand that medication can be part of maintaining your child's health. Whether this is a long-term health condition or a short-term illness. We are able to administer medications prescribed by a doctor for your child. Speak with us about your child's needs.

What happens if my child has an accident?

Our setting takes all due care to prevent accidents, however, tumbles and knocks do happen. If this does occur, our staff will administer first aid as necessary. They will also offer to comfort any child in need of reassurance. Any accidents, and the action taken, are recorded in the Accident Book which parents/carers will be asked to sign when they collect their child. More serious accidents are extremely rare, and our setting prides itself on its long accident-free record. However, should one occur it would be dealt with as necessary and the child’s parent/carer informed immediately. For this reason it is vital that we have up to date contact details for all parents or carers. Please ensure that you notify us of any changes to your contact details.

Late collection

Please allow yourself enough time to travel, park and walk to the Pre-School gate. If you are not waiting at the gate when it is opened by a member of staff at the end of the session, you are counted as late.  You can find the current sessions here.

When we end one session and start another our insurance cover limits us to no more than 20 children at one time. When parents are late we go over our capacity, our staff to child ratio may be incorrect and we often end up comforting children who are upset that their grown- up has not arrived to collect them. If this occurs at the end of the day, two members of staff are obliged to stay to safeguard the child and staff. Staff cannot then clean up and prepare for the next day and may also have their own commitments after work (such as picking up their own children from school), which places them in a very difficult position.

Whilst we are sympathetic to lateness on the rare occasions when a genuine emergency arises, please do not abuse the goodwill of the staff by routinely being late or by being late for inadequate reasons.



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