17th May, 2017


Dear Parents,


On Tuesday 25th April 2017, Elsworth Pre-School received a visit from Ofsted to assess the setting.  You will see from reading this report that the overall score received this time was ‘requires improvement’ in the Leadership & Management aspect of the setting.  This score in no way reflects the excellent care and service that this setting offers though the professionalism and incredible hard work of all of its staff members.  (Jackie, Julie, Bev, Claire and Fiona).


This score reflects only the fact that some members of the Pre-School committee (comprised of unpaid parent volunteers) did not complete one of the forms Ofsted asks them to complete upon joining the committee. To be clear, these are not the safety and background checks, but ones that allow parents to come into contact and work with young children in this setting; something that none of our committee members currently do.


If you are looking at Elsworth Pre-School as a potential place for your child to attend, please read all of this report, which will reveal that by all other measures relating to childcare and safeguarding, this is an excellent place for your children to grow, play and develop in and offers them a genuinely loving and caring environment.   


In summary, this score reflects a failing of the Committee of this Pre-School, not the staff, for which we as the Committee take responsibility and are now rectifying. 


The next inspection from Ofsted is expected within 12 months of the report’s publication, by which time the outstanding forms will have been completed and the score of this setting amended accordingly, I am sure. 


If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me- current acting

Chair: Vika Lebedeva-Baxter or Jackie Maloney.




Elsworth Pre-School Committee