Frequently Asked Questions


If you cannot find the answer to your question below please contact us.  


  • When are the sessions?

These are subject to change depending on intake. Currently they are as follows.

Monday - Thursday

Morning session: 8:55am - 11:55am

Afternoon session: 11:55am - 2:55pm


Morning session: 8:55am to 11:55am

No afternoon session for Staff Admin time.

  • At what age can my child start at Elsworth Pre-School?

We can take children from two years at our setting.  We would encourage you to come along and have a visit and chat with the staff to see how we can support your child to begin their transition to starting Pre-School. We are also able to take funded two's.

  • Can I come to your setting if I am out of catchment?

Yes you can apply to join our Pre-School if you are out of catchment.  We are happy to accept children from other villages.

  • When will my child be funded?

Every child is entitled to be funded the term after their third birthday.  There are three terms in an academic year.  We will provide you with the funding form to be filled in every term.  You are allowed to split your funding between other settings if you so wish.  If your child is a funded two we can accept this at our setting.  

  • How much is a non-funded session?

Our sessions are £16.50 per three hour session for 3-4 year olds. A higher rate of £18.00 per session will be charged for younger two year olds as we have to employ extra staff for the correct ratios with two year olds.

  • What does it cost to register?

All registrations are subject to a £20 administration fee, which includes a Pre-School T-shirt.

  • How many sessions can my child attend at Elsworth Pre-School?

You are able to choose your sessions to use your funded hours and any extra you may require.  Priority will be given to our school risers should it be a busy intake.  If you are just starting Pre-School we recommend that you begin with two sessions to let your child settle in confidently.  We work with parents to support a smooth transition when they begin with us.  

This does not automatically get you into the Primary School.  You will have to apply through the County Council Portal.  The Pre-School will know the date and advise parents when it opens.  More information on admissions to Elsworth Primary School can be found in the policies section of their website. 

  • How many children can we have during a session?

We are registered to have 20 maximum during any one session.