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What we aim to achieve

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As your child begins their journey with us at Pre-School, our aim is that they will have an exciting time learning through play, exploration and fun.  We operate a Key Person system with our children which allows both the child and parent to build up a relationship with a member of staff.  We would encourage you to speak to all staff as we work as a team, but your key person will collate your child's Summative Assessment as well as their individual profile.  We want all our children to reach their full potential.  We want each child to feel happy, secure and able to grow through their own individual achievements.  


We do this by asking that you make each child's needs known to us along with any other information that would help us get to know your child better.  They may have phrases/words for certain things or objects.  Advising us of these is essential to make the transition to Pre-School as easy as possible.  We like to encourage you to share news with us about things of interest and personal achievements.  Sharing these can help to give your child more confidence and encourage independence.  This will help with the transition to Primary School later on.  


We encourage the children to independently select activities of their choice. This helps us determine some of their interests which gives us ideas in taking their play further. We encourage exploration and independent thinking which promotes resilience. We may introduce materials, explanations and visual aids to encourage a deeper learning and understanding. If any parent/carer has a skill that they wish to share with us, we would encourage you to come in and join us as this hugely benefits the children, staff and parents.

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