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100% of parents recommend Elsworth Pre-School!

In our most recent parents survey we had 100% positive feedback on the Pre-School from parents who answered our online survey. Why not book a visit to see why all out parents say they'd recommend us? Here are some of the things parents said:

"I will definitely recommend the school because of how engaged my child seems all the time and how friendly the staff are. It is a setting that also supports and encourages learning. This is achieved through the numerous activities the kids take part in. The newsletter is also very informative and helps me interact with my child about things he has done in school"

"Elsworth helped my child when she struggled with severe separation anxiety and helped her to gain confidence and feel safe and secure"

"Great Pre school, friendly and welcoming staff which really help children settle in to the Pre school. Great range of activities/trays set up each morning. Nice that the Pre school can make use of the school facilities next door as well, which children enjoy for a change of scene. Children seem happy at the setting."

"I like the very friendly staff and how they welcome the children in each morning with a cheerful spirit. I like the fun learning activities the children engage in. These include the very interesting 'show' and 'tell' session. It gets us parents involved as the whole family tries to find the letters and numbers."

"All of the staff are extremely friendly and approachable and have the children's best interests at heart."

Elsworth Pre-School currently has spaces and offers up to 30 funded childcare hours a week.

Contact Jenny Blyth, Pre-School Manager for more details on 01954 268050

email -       website:

Did you know .... you can help the Pre-School raise funds whilst shopping online?  With Easy Fundraising, Elsworth Pre-School gets a donation from various online retailers when you go through their website - and it does not cost you anything.  This can equate to quite a lot of funds for us especially if you book things like holidays, airfares or even Christmas shopping.  To sign up or for more information click on the link below.

There are also voucher codes for discounts at a multitude of retailers.

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