Elsworth Pumpkin Trail Competition

Elsworth villagers are invited to enter the Elsworth Pumpkin Trail Competition 2020. Create a display including pumpkins in front of your house ready for judging at 11am on Saturday 31st October. Pumpkins can be painted or carved or used in any way to create a fun display. Entrance fee £2 with the deadline for entries Friday 23rd October. To enter: pay for your entrance form at the village shop then email to register (full details on the entry form). Small prize for everyone who enters and a hamper for the winner! Judging will be based on creativity, execution and smile factor. There will also be an online people's choice vote for the best display and prize for the winner!

To replace trick or treating, trail maps showing where you can view the entries will be available from the village shop from 26th October. The trail runs 11am - 4pm on 31st October but please note the village shop closes at 12pm so buy your trail maps in advance! £1 for a trail map or £5 for a family activity pack including sweets, glo sticks and halloween activities. Grown ups can give their children treats for each pumpkin they find or just enjoy the fun of finding them. All participants are advised to maintain social distancing and only go out in household groups. All funds raised will go to Elsworth Pre-School. For more information visit our facebook page

Elsworth Pre-School Paddington Challenge!

Children from Elsworth Pre-School are using their daily exercise distance total to get to Paddington station and back - a combined distance of 200km!

The aim is for families to record the distance they've walked or cycled each week, giving little ones the incentive to do longer walks and make the most of their daily time outdoors. We'll track on a map each week how close we get to Paddington and back.


Without being able to run the usual fundraising events the Pre-School relies on, we still need fundraising to support the Pre-School's future survival during this time. We hope families will enjoy the group challenge and raise funds for the Pre-School. Paddington teddies and marmalade sandwiches optional!

You can sponsor the children's efforts here

Elsworth Rocks

Create, Hide & Hunt Painted Pebbles in Elsworth

**Rocks may be still out there, if you find one please put them out of reach of children and wash hands after thank you!

We hope this will to resume this when safe. Why not paint pebbles to hide around your garden or house?

Create your own pebble to hide round the village at home or just join the hunt for pebbles in Elsworth. You can post a photo of your pebble and any you find to our Facebook page Elsworth Rocks

Please don't hide pebbles on farmland or on sports fields, happy hunting!

If you find a pebble, photograph it, post it on Facebook if you'd like then hide it again.

How to create your own pebble:

1. Get a pebble

2. Paint your pebble (we used acrylic paint)

3. Waterproof your pebble (we used this gloss spray)

4. Write Elsworth Rocks in permanent marker on the back

5. Hide your rock

An internet search will give you lots of other ideas for paint types, waterproofing and inspiration of what to paint!