Our Ethos

At Elsworth Pre-School we aim to support the individual needs of every child, building a sense of pride, kindness, resilience and confidence. Warm friendships with staff and other children are promoted as a secure foundation to build on. Creative opportunities to learn through play are plentiful, inspiring a love of learning through play, a nature connection and enquiry-based learning experiences.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

We see each individual child as A Unique Child and we promote positive relationships.  We provide a stimulating environment for learning, with resources that are led by each child's play with adults supporting and extending their learning.  We observe each child's development through observations and interaction which enables us to monitor and plan for every child.  We spend quality time with each individual child so we can learn all about them and their unique needs.  We also believe that sharing with our Parents and Carers is paramount to make each child's journey at Pre-School fulfilling and educational.  To do this we share news with our parents on a daily basis and have our weekly newsletter which highlights the things we have done.  We have parental update sessions every term where we share our observations, create next steps and review each childs' progress with the parents. 

From observation, we know that children develop and learn in different ways and the way a child interacts with other people and their environment is at the centre of their learning and development. Through the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning we support each Unique Child to ensure they are engaged and motivated by playing & exploring, active learning and critical thinking. The Characteristics of Effective Teaching & Learning, underpin all areas and support the development of the child in the process of learning, rather than the outcome.

Monitoring Growth and Development

All children have an individual profile.  We make both written and photographic observations of your child's learning and development while they are in Pre-School.  These are shared with family through the Famly App so that you can see your child's play and learning, we also welcome photos and observations of your child's time at home too! Through playful interactions our experienced practitioners plan for and support your child's next steps around their interests so it is always a fun and stimulating experience for them. We continually observe and assess each child's progress to ensure their needs are catered for. The Learning and Development Summary celebrates each child's development as they come to the end of their time at Pre-School.  This information is passed onto their Primary School to support their transition to school as a guide to continue your child's learning and development journey. We value the parents/carers input with this too and you will be included in this during a parent update in the summer term before school.