Covid-19 Procedures

We will do everything we can to minimise the risks to our children, staff and parents during this difficult time.
Families will be encouraged to bring minimal belongings to reduce the risk of transmission and children can stay in the same shoes rather than changing into indoor ones. A change of clothes can be left at Pre-School in case needed, but they will need to stay there to minimise contamination unless they have been used.

We have adapted our procedures to help enable this and they are as follows;
 Families will be asked not to send their child(ren) in if they have any
cold/coronavirus symptoms at all, this must be strictly adhered to
 We will regularly contact our families that are shielding
 We will remove as many soft toys and furnishings as possible
 If a child requires a comfort item, it will need to be plastic/wipeable so that we can clean it during the day, and it does not harbour the virus
 Pre-School children will not be expected to be kept 2 metres apart and neither will staff to children, during their care
 Social distancing markers will be placed on the path leading up to Pre-School to assist parents in their awareness of spacing
 Children will be collected from their parents in the morning, at the main gate one at a time, by a staff member
 The staff member will bring the child and their belongings into the building where the child will wash their hands
 The staff member will unpack the snack and lunch things then wash their hands
 At snack and lunch times we will separate the children as much as possible by moving the tables apart from each other
 All staff and children will wash their hands before and after eating
 Pre-School will have a thorough clean at the end of every day and in between if necessary
 At the end of the session, a staff member will take the child and all their belongings to the gate and return them to their parent waiting outside
 This will happen one at a time
 All toys and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with a child safe disinfectant such as Milton
 All work surfaces and handles etc will be cleaned with anti-bacterial cleansers regularly throughout the day and at the end of it
 If a child attends two settings, they will need to decide which one to attend until the government guidance changes
 Our aim is to keep specific groups/days of children separate

 We will review our policies and procedures regarding Covid-19 every two weeks or more regularly as necessary
 Small groups however, are essential and this will be ongoing until guidance changes with a maximum of 6 children per group
 If staff levels reduce due to sickness, we will need to revise our risk assessment and possibly create further procedures/plans
 Staff will be supported by Supervisions to help maintain well being
 We will plan wellbeing for staff and children and support bereavement
 We will be able to signpost our families and staff should they require a test for Coronavirus
 Any child displaying symptoms at Pre-School will be sent home immediately, using emergency contacts if necessary
 Whilst they are waiting to go home, they will be separated from the other children and a staff member will supervise them until the parents/carer arrive
 The staff member should wear appropriate PPE which will need to be disposed of responsibly
 The areas and things the child has touched will need to be disinfected immediately and hands must be washed afterwards

All parents and staff will have a copy of these procedures which will come into effect on 1 st June 2020.

We appreciate the difficult circumstances that we all face and hope that common sense and teamwork will help us at this time.